TKG serves the Hudson Valley, Berkshires, Albany Capital Region, and Litchfield Hills.

The area is vast and varied. With hundreds of miles of sandstone and granite cliffs, cattail-lined riverbanks, former factory towns, orchards, farmland and forests, the scale of its geography and the scope of its history are daunting. To spend a weekend dropping into its musty bookstores and sizable art institutions or idling between hilltop castles, divey small-town bars and doily B&Bs is like skipping a stone into a river: you bounce along, but barely break the surface.  (From 36 Hours in The Hudson Valley, NY Times)

Area Map

The Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley comprises the valley of the Hudson River and its adjacent communities of New York, from Albany southward to Yonkers. The Hudson River valley runs north to south down the eastern edge of New York State. Key towns in Columbia County that TKG serves:


The Berkshires

The Berkshires, is a highland region located in the western parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut. The term “Berkshires” is normally used by locals in reference to the portion of the mountain range that lies within Massachusetts. Key towns TKG serves in the area:

StockbridgeLenoxGreat BarringtonPittsfield

The Albany Capital Region

New York’s Capital District, also known as the Capital Region, is a region in upstate New York that generally refers to the four counties surrounding Albany. Key city in the area:


The Litchfield Hills

The Litchfield Hills of Connecticut are located in the northwestern corner of the state. It is a term that is roughly coterminous with the boundaries of Litchfield County. Much of the area makes up the lowermost section of the Berkshire region. Key towns TKG serves in the area: