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chatham office Bert Freed and Ed Hoe — Chatham office

In The Beginning

Back in 1995, Bert Freed decided he wasn't ready to retire. He had just ended a 25-year career in finance as Senior Vice-President of a prominent firm. But as anyone who knows him will tell you, Bert is a people-person, and rather than retiring, he decided to get back into real estate. He is the kind of person who loves his work and will throw himself into any project he takes on, so maybe it is no surprise that shortly after getting back into real estate, he ended up starting his own real estate company — The Kinderhook Group.


Bert's colorful history as a successful businessman probably starts as far back as his days in Ohio working in his father's jewelry shop, and since, has ranged from working in oil fields in Oklahoma, to running a string of family-owned, high-end department stores, to working on Wall Street. Over the years, Bert learned that no matter what business you are in, if you value the right things and find smart, hard working people, the business will succeed. So what does Bert value?

Good Old-Fashioned Service

First and foremost, Bert Freed is a believer in good service: hard work, fair treatment, and smart thinking. Bert worked hard over the last decade to recruit smart, dedicated people who take pride in their work and their service to the community. So it's no wonder why every single agent that works for The Kinderhook Group is committed to providing the highest level of service to each and every customer who sets foot in our doors.

Smart Growth

Bert also made The Kinderhook Group stand out from other local agencies by taking a smart approach to growing his business. The Kinderhook Group's first office was (and still is) in Chatham, but in just ten years of operation, it has expanded into seven offices that are positioned in prime locations throughout the region to serve customers in every county in the Tri-state area of New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Unlike other local real estate agencies that focus on only one or two counties, The Kinderhook Group covers nine counties. This gives buyers a chance to expand their searches and sellers access to a wide market of buyers.


Bert believes that an important part of doing a job right is working well as a team. The Kinderhook Group is a team of over fifty agents working out of seven offices. We are different from a franchise because our offices and agents do not compete with one another — our teamwork makes our company greater than the sum of its parts. And as a customer of The Kinderhook Group, you can be sure that we're on your team, working hard to help you reach your goals.


The Kinderhook Group is the largest independently-owned real estate agency in the Tri-state region of New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, with seven offices covering nine counties. Our path to success is built on these simple, time-tested values.

New Leadership

In 2008, The Kinderhook Group came under new ownership by long-time friend and real estate colleague, Ed Hoe. Bert continues to be an active real estate agent at the Chatham office and will always be a mentor to The Kinderhook Group. Under new leadership, the company will stay committed to the values that Bert instilled in his company: service, smart growth, and teamwork.

Into the Future

The next chapter of The Kinderhook Group's story focuses on bringing our values in to the 21st century. Because in order to keep up our successful track record, we know we have to adapt to the changes in the market. This is the only way to continue to provide the best service possible to all of our customers. It is this commitment to a higher standard of service that has become, and always will be, the defining characteristic of The Kinderhook Group.